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Have you heard of scentscaping? We talked about it a few posts back and we’re really excited to dig deeper and explore this amazing scent based trend!

The post-pandemic era has inspired some incredible fragrance-based trends. This should come as no surprise because scent is proven to evoke memories, emotions, and relaxation. The latest fragrance trend allows aroma aficionados to use scent to divide one’s living space for the purpose of well-being. 

This trend is known as scentscaping - or fragrance-zoning. It's really a simple and pleasant way to divide your day, zone your home, and improve wellness by using different scents. It's also one of the biggest trends in home decor and candles today!Scentscaping with candles

Scentcaping Breakdown

Consumers are preoccupied with sectioning off their homes, especially since many are relaxing, working, and even workout out in their homes most days, and using home fragrance is a great way to harness scent in order to divide, or 'zone’ each day. Scentscaping makes it possible to divide the home into sections by using different scents by compartmentalizing each room to reflect a time period in your mind. Doing so channels the mood you need to work, exercise, or relax. Consumers are more aware than ever of the importance of fragrance to create a sanctuary within their homes. 

This can be done with scents that are fresh, calming, invigorating, and everything in between. The scentscaping movement uses scent to create moments and moods throughout the day. For example, it can offer an energizing burst of citrus in the morning and an indulgent coconut milk scent as a bath time ritual, before a relaxing lavender scent at night. 

The goal is to set the mood in every room and every time of day. scentscaping with candle fragrance oils trend

Scentscaping As A Form Of Decorating

Interestingly, scentscaping is the latest trend in home decor, appealing to those who love to make their homes look and smell beautiful. That means that fragrance businesses can also reach a new clientele by offering innovative scent-based products to meet this new demand. Scentscaping especially appeals to interior designers and home decor enthusiasts. This therapeutic decorating combines the use of scent and visual elements to create an atmosphere that is inviting and calming. Many fragrance products can be used, such as candles, incense, and diffusers. Scentcaping also adds depth and character to any room in the home without breaking the bank. 

Scentscaping In Action

Now that the demand is there, it’s essential to know how to meet it with the appropriate supplies. By integrating scentscaping into your business, candle makers create unique and memorable experiences for customers. You can action this when introducing new candles, or re-branding existing ones, into your business. 

Candle businesses can also use scentscaping to differentiate themselves from other competitors in the market. By creating unique scent combinations, they can stand out from the crowd and attract more customers.  Think of the different scent combinations to evoke certain emotions or memories in customers that transport them to another world. 

With the right combination of scents, they will be able to create an unforgettable experience that will keep customers coming back for more.

Create A Sensory Journey 

The above can be easily illustrated by exploring how fragrance can be used to capture the unique mood of each room and the zones within them. This can be done by taking a creative approach. Instead of simply picking a scent that is pleasing to the nose, try to envision a specific location or key moment when deciding on which fragrance oil to use. By doing this, you are creating an emotional connection with your customers and helping them remember the experience of lighting their candles. When choosing fragrance oils for candles try picturing how your clients can relate to each scent and how they can use them in their homes and spaces.

Remember to use this as inspiration when you build a narrative on the product label or in your product description.Scentscaping with candles

Mark Moments In Time 

Time is of the essence–literally! Use each time of day to spark creativity, and create scents accordingly. For example, use different scents as a tool to enhance mood depending on the time of day. The fragrance oils you use in your candle creations may be used at night to calm and soothe. However, perhaps other oils energize and uplift those early morning wake-ups.

With the right combination of fragrances, you can transform your customer’s home into an oasis of relaxation. By using different fragrance oils for each time of the day, you create a unique atmosphere that is tailored to their own needs and preferences. The product possibilities are plentiful!

Consumers are always looking for ways to make their homes more inviting and comfortable. With the right scents, you can create an atmosphere that will help your customers relax and unwind after a long day.

But it’s important to make it clear for your customers. Illustrate for them how they can incorporate fragrance into their daily routines. Remember to spell it out for your consumers by using clear copy and imagery to explain how your scents will enhance their homes and influence their day! With the right copy, you can get them excited about how it will transform their space into something special.

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