Our Story

Scentsorie Fragrance Oils

Fragrance Market Experts

With over 20 years experience working at the largest fragrance houses in the world, we decided to offer you, our customer, what is only offered to the biggest brands in the business, insider fragrance knowledge. We offer amazing fragrance oils created using our expert knowledge of the fragrance industry. We don't want to just sell you fragrance oils, we want to share with you what makes them special and why you need them in your product line. 

Signature Scents

At Scentsorie, our goal is to offer beautiful luxury fragrance oils for creators, like you, in small batches (and large if needed!) to help you create amazing products and grow your business. We design signature fragrance experiences, capturing not only what consumers like, but what inspires them.

Modern Storytelling

Through storytelling we show you what's invisible, fragrance.

Exploring, interpreting, and reporting trends in beauty, fashion, home interiors, and lifestyles enables us to better understand consumers’ ever evolving needs and desires. By translating those trend into our Stories, we can help you anticipate your consumers’ wants and ensure the desirability of your brand by delivering modern scents for all your scent creating needs.

Let us help you scent your story...