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Scent With Love

Discover the key scent directions and trends for Valentine's Day


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Scents that Connect

Valentine’s Day spending was estimated to reach $26bn in 2023 in the US, an increase of $2bn since 2022, proving what we already know, consumers love, love.

They're looking for gifts that celebrate connection and love in all manners, as well as products that build emotional support. 

classic romance

Timeless scents like rose evoke feelings of love and warmth. Our Crimson Currant + Rose Fragrance is a top seller for Valentine's Day, it's a dark, decadent and modern take on the classic.

Fragrance Name Ideas:
Velvet Kiss
Roses + Romance

galentine's day

Galentine’s – officially celebrated on the 13th of February – has seen rapid commercialization in the last few years. All over Etsy sellers offer a range of Galentine’s decorations and gifts, suited for the hundreds of Galentine’s and “no boys allowed” parties and events that happened worldwide this year, and these celebrations are growing. Celebrate besties with a fruity, sparkling candle made with our Pink Berries + Champagne fragrance oil.

Fragrance Name Ideas:
Bestie Brunch
Ride or Die
Cheers To Us


Men need love too! While the majority of gifting for Valentines Day is geared toward women, catering to men is a huge opportunity. Our Vintage Whiskey + Tobacco fragrance oil is the perfect blend for any love potion.

Fragrance Name Ideas:
Late Night
Cupid's Cocktail

self love club

Wind down, slow bathing rituals are peak self-care 
and are highly prized for health and wellbeing benefits, going beyond cleansing to boosting energy and reducing stress. This Valentine's Day, offer your customers products that establish a ritual of care and comfort. Our Coconut Milk + Rose fragrance oil is the ultimate self care scent.

Fragrance Name Ideas:
Coconut Rose Cocoon
Calm + Coconut Rose

Coconut Milk + Rose Full Details

all the senses

Intimate fragrances that explore human attraction are moving into the mainstream. Consumers are seeking scents that are emotional and sensual. Our Amberwood + Jasmine fragrance oil is appeals anyone looking for intimacy and seduction.

Fragrance Name Ideas:
Slow + Steady
valentine's day fragrance oils

Buy the Bundle 

Our best selling Valentine's Day fragrance oils in one bundle to help set the mood. 

Shop all five full sized 2.0oz fragrance oils and save. Experience this curated collection when you order the following:

CRIMSON CURRANT + ROSE: Bulgarian Rose / Ivy / Red Currant
PINK BERRIES + CHAMPAGNE: Champagne Accord / Pink Berries/ Night Blooming Jasmine
VINTAGE WHISKEY + TOBACCO: Pipe Tobacco / Brushed Suede / Aged Teakwood
COCONUT MILK + ROSE: Coconut Milk / Rose Petals / Tonka Bean
AMBERWOOD + JASMINE: Amber / Jasmine / Cedar