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Scent Trend: Vanilla, Beyond The Basics

You're not imagining it, vanilla is back and better than ever. But its not your basic V. Vanilla has come a long was since its super sweet, dessert-like smell of the 90s. The latest vanilla launches are decadent without being cloyingly sweet, cozy without suffocating you. They are more complex and captivating than every before. And we are here for it!

This is the year of ultimate vanilla transformation, with decadent launches in almost every category, including home, beauty, and personal fragrance. From the latest from To Ford, Vanilla Sex, to the warmth of Boy Smells Vanila Era, to the smoky depth of DS + Durga's Deep Dark Vanilla, there is a vanilla for every taste.

Why do consumers love vanilla fragrances so much? People  are drawn to vanilla fragrances not only for their comforting qualities but also due to their inherent recognizability. The warm and soothing aroma of vanilla resonates with individuals on an emotional level, providing a sense of comfort and relaxation. 

Beyond its comforting attributes, the familiarity of vanilla plays a crucial role in its popularity, especially during times of economic hardship. The scent often triggers recognition, even when selling online people know the scent of vanilla, meaning it can be a much easier sell because consumers know what they are buying. 

This dual appeal, combining comfort and recognizability, establishes vanilla fragrances as enduring favorites among consumers, and one of the most beloved notes in perfumery.

Sweet, spicy, smoky, or masculine our collection of vanillas can convince anyone to indulge. Let's explore...

Orris + Vanilla Musk

A floral vanilla that's hypnotic and decadent. Orris + Vanilla Musk takes the iconic creaminess of vanilla and wraps it in the sensual floralsy of iris and the sueded softness of orris, creating a new vanilla scent that's intoxicating, addictive, and multidimensional.

vanilla type: floral 

Bourbon + Vanilla Bean

The sweet richness of vanilla is spiked with the oak infused bourbon to envelop you in an indulgent scent that is warm, hypnotic, and ultra luxurious.

vanilla type: boozy

Vanilla Milk + Brown Sugar

The sweet richness of vanilla is spiked with the oak infused bourbon to envelop you in an indulgent scent that is warm, hypnotic., and ultra luxurious.

vanilla type: indulgent

Tobacco + Vanilla Resin

A modern take on both tobacco and vanilla. Dark, resinous vanilla is blended with rich and opulent tobacco, its a perfect balance of sultry and edgy.

vanilla type: masculine

Smoked Vanilla

This fragrance oil is both smokey and sweet. Raw vanilla beans and black amber mingle with a smoldering smoke accord with added hints of raw sugar and marshmallow fluff to perfectly round out the scent.

vanilla type: smoky

Vanilla + Chai Spice

Trails of chai spice-infused tea drift from a frothy pool of rich vanilla, while layers of warm amber and sandalwood wrap the scent for a fragrance oil that is purely sweet indulgence.

vanilla type: holiday

Royal Oud + Tonka

The sweet richness of vanilla is intensified when paired with creamy tonka and luxuriously golden nectar. Royal oud and amber round out the scent for an intensely exotic scent experience.

vanilla type: luxe 


Pistachio + Vanilla Creme

Delicious and tropical, this fragrance oil will bring you back to summer all year long. Nutty pistachio notes are blended with vanilla crème and toasted almond, the sweetness is then balanced out by sun warmed driftwood, for an intoxicating finish.

vanilla type: tropical