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Amalfi Lemon Fragrance Oil

A fresh scent that's the perfect blend of zesty and sweet

Evoke the essence of Italy’s Amalfi Coast with this fragrance oil that featuring zesty lemon and yuzu mandarin blended with neroli blossom and raw sugar. 

Fragrance Insights: Citrus fragrance oils can add brightness to candles and personal care products. New takes on citrus are elevated with sweetness, florals, and woods. Modern and complex, they can transport consumers to aspirational locations. 

More Details
212 F / 100 C
Vanillin Content: 0.1-1.0%

KEY NOTES: Amalfi Lemon / Neroli Blossom / Raw Sugar 

T: Amalfi Lemon Accord, Yuzu Mandarin, Key Lime
M: Neroli Blossom, Jasmine, Mango
B: Raw Sugar, Ginger, Cedarwood

ESSENTIAL OILS: Orange Oil, Key Lime Oil

FRAGRANCE FAMILY: Citrus, Fruity, Fresh

Safety Data Sheet
IFRA Data Sheet
Sale price$3.00
Amalfi lemon and sugar fragrance oil
Amalfi Lemon Fragrance Oil Sale price$3.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shareeka P.
Fresh Lemon

This is a great scent don't get me wrong! I expected a sweet lemon scent, more like lemon head candy. This is more of a fresh lemon scent like joy dish detergent oob.

Very good!

I will update this review fully after testing, but I just had to come here first and say I’m so thrilled this isn’t a cleaner smelling lemon scent! If you are like me and have a really tough time liking lemon-forward types, give this one a shot. The sugar note really anchors the citrus here and lends it a pleasant sweet base. It’s perfect.

Boops Candles

I love that this is more of a lemon scent and not to sweet! Another favorite for Boops Candles