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Black Honey + Fig Fragrance Oil

A captivating intense union of black honey, clove buds, and fig.

Intoxicating, familiar, and mysterious. Sweet figs drizzled in black honey are blended with a mouthwatering mix of clove, caramel, and maple for fruity and delectable fragrance. 

Fragrance Insight: New alternatives to spiced fall and winter scents appeal to consumers that are looking for something new, but still familiar. Gourmands remain extremely popular in the winter months, but like Black Honey + Fig, are becoming more and more complex.

More Details

Usage Levels:
Candles: 6-10%
Soaps: 2-5%
Lotions: 0.5-1%

212 F / 100 C
Vanillin Content: 0%

KEY NOTES: Black Honey / Clove Bud / Fig

TOP: Blackberries, Clove Buds
MIDDLE: Black Honey, Ripe Fig
BASE: Caramel, Maple, Vanilla Bean


Safety Data Sheet
IFRA Data Sheet

Sale price$3.00
Black Honey + Fig Fragrance Oil
Black Honey + Fig Fragrance Oil Sale price$3.00