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Milk Musk Fragrance Oil

A sensual of warmth and tenderness

Smells like: Softly creamy and warm, with a subtle musky sensuality.

Fragrance Insight: With over 20M views under #milkperfume and 1.3M views for #milkfragrance, scents with lactonic (milky) facets and milk accords have become the hottest User Generated fragrance trend on the platform.

The feelings of comfort and cocooning that milk brings to mind are key factors in the ingredients rise in popularity, that will continue to climb over the next couple of seasons.

212 F / 100 C
Vanillin Content: 0.1 - 1.0%

KEY NOTES: Jasmine / Sheer Musk / Milk Accord

T: Jasmine Petals, Cardamom  
M: Peach Skin, Chamomile, Corn Flower 
D: Milk Accord, Ambroxan, Vanilla, Sandalwood


ESSENTIAL OILS: Bergamot,  Sandalwood

Safety Data Sheet
IFRA Data Sheet
Sale price$3.00
Milk Musk   Fragrance Oil
Milk Musk Fragrance Oil Sale price$3.00

Customer Reviews

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Evergreen Lane LLC
Milk Bath

Ugh. Delicious. This fragrance is the one I was most excited to try and it went above my expectations. I am smitten with this and feel like I could bathe in....hence me coming up with the name for it already: Milk Bath. It has a sheer vanilla feel to it that is purely comforting without stepping into the gourmand space. The musk is light. This is one to blend into your other scents to mellow them. It isn't a high thrower. The owner gave me a 7/10 in terms of throw so I'll be expecting that but I intend to blend away with this beauty. My first try at this brand was an absolute win and I'm grateful shes hitting that sweet spot of $40-$48 that I feel us "mid-luxury" candle brands are looking for while also mainting complexity and quality. It's halfway between Simbi and Makesy in terms of quality. But it's got much more versatility than, say Simbi, who has mostly-musk based fragrances. To find greenhouse & tomato vine in the same brand as the milk musk, blows my mind. Absolutely different scents which shows the knowledge and confidence of the owner.