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Sauna Woods Fragrance Oil

A soothing, woody sanctuary of scent.

Capturing the essence of dry woods and sensual, salty skin. The dry woody scent of cedarwood strikes a beautiful balance with sensual notes of cashmeran. The fragrance oil awakened by a pinch of salt for olfactive harmony.

Fragrance Insights: Blends that encourage restorative rituals continue to trend as part of a wider scentscaping and wellness consumer priority. Create warm, sensuous environments that are reminiscent of a spa experience, and tap into the restorative powers of aromatherapy.

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Usage Levels:
Candles: 6-10%
Soaps: 2-5%
Lotions: 0.5-1%

212 F / 100 C
Vanillin Content: 0.1-1.0%

KEY NOTES: Amber / Jasmine / Cedar

TOP: Gardenia, Salt Accord 
MIDDLE: Jasmine, Muguet
BASE: Cashmeran, Cedarwood

FRAGRANCE FAMILY: Woody, Amber, Floral

ESSENTIAL OILS: Patchouli, Juniper, Orange

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IFRA Data Sheet
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Sauna Woods Fragrance Oil
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