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Article: Change Is Good...

Change Is Good...

Change Is Good...

2 years ago, I launched Scents and Stories with the goal of offering amazing fragrance oils created using expert, insider knowledge of the fragrance industry. Using storytelling to show you what's invisible, fragrance. Scents plus stories, and that's how the name was born, Scents and Stories, I thought it fit together.

To be honest, I’ve never been in love with the name.

But I had to get over what holds so many of us back in business, the need for everything to be perfect. We've all heard the phrase "done is better than perfect" it's a popular saying because it's true. If we wait for everything to be just right and perfectly perfect, nothing would ever get done. It also hold you back from so much growth. My first 2 years of business have been full of mistakes, countless things I had to work through and if I had gotten stuck on the name (or the million other things I was stuck on) I would still be frozen in place. 

So, here we are, Scents and Stories is now Scentsorie.

Why Scentsorie? Fragrance is at the heart of what we do and fragrance is a multi-sensory experience. The name Scentsorie speaks to the defining influence fragrance has over us. To the many aspects of olfaction (smelling) that impact us on a daily basis, the power to evoke our childhood memories, alter our mood, even influence how we feel about someone. 

What we do is invisible. It’s about emotions, what we respond to subliminally. At Scentsorie we recognize the transformative power of fragrance, the immediate and memorable connections between people and fragrance. 

Our name has changed, our mission hasn't. We continue to create signature fragrance experiences, capturing not only what consumers like, but what inspires them.


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