Mother's Day 2022

Mother’s Day is a huge business opportunity for candle & beauty brands. Look to develop new products for your line with fragrance oils that focus on emotional connections, wellness, and pleasure as key factors.
Mother's Day 2022 - Scentsorie

Mother’s Day is a huge business opportunity for candle & beauty brands. It is a key gifting season, with consumers in the US spending on average $220 on gifts for moms, according to the National Retail Federation. As a brand, you should leverage the gift of self-care with products that aid rest and wellbeing, alongside keepsake products that spark joy and nostalgia.

Self-care continues to be a key driver of Mother’s Day gifting. Out of all social media users discussing Mother’s Day in 2021, 11.9% were also discussing self-care! Subscription and gift boxes keep coming out on top in the beauty space for Mothers Day gifting, for 2022 think of ways to elevate the concept of self-care beyond pamper kits. You can explore a holistic approach to wellness with boxes that include beauty tools, herbal supplements, even healing crystals to help stressed mothers unwind.

Also, expand your reach beyond targeting to Mother. The Mother’s Day target consumer will further expand by 2022. From friends to sisters and moms-to-be, broadening your range of gifts can suit the needs of a younger demographic.

mother's day fragrance trendsWhen developing new products for your line, you should be looking at emotional connections, wellness, and pleasure as key factors. Market your fragranced products as little luxuries, products that create small beauty moments have become more important than ever. 

    • EMOTIONAL CONNECTIONS: Scents that recreate connections with loved ones or happy memories from the past are gaining traction and can create deep and highly personal product experiences. Time-tested products and fragrances will continue to grow in popularity as consumers look to the past for nostalgic comfort, but also want to play it safe when investing in fragrance and beauty products.
    • WELLNESS: Self-care rituals will be elevated to boost mood as mental health and physical wellbeing become key in beauty treatments. Health and wellbeing will continue to be a huge priority in 2022, and consumers will seek beauty products that provide more than just cosmetic benefits but also support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.
    • PLEASURE and JOY: Stressed-out and busy mothers are going to seek products that offer small moments of happiness and escapism, and that spark joy. Pleasure is a key driver this year, and will be for years to come, as purposeful pleasure-seekers will gravitate towards feel good products and fragrances that are mood enhancing and provide a sense of escapism.
Mother's Day Fragrance TrendsNOSTALGIA: Not just a comfort during chaotic times, nostalgia is a significant consumer driver, with shoppers more likely to spend if they’re feeling nostalgic. With consumers seeking products that represent comfort, stability, and help recollections of happy memories, fragrance oils such as rose, orchid, and gardenia are key in product collections. 
      • Our Coconut Milk +Rose fragrance oil brings together two nostalgic scents, indulgent coconut milk and  ultra feminine rose, for a scent that is sure to delight the senses.  
SELF-CARE: Products based on holistic healing rituals that feed the soul and nourish the body will feel deserved and necessary. It is key for products to provide more than just cosmetic benefits, they need to also support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Look at incorporating known scents of wellness, such as lavender, sage, and eucalyptus.
      • Eucalyptus + Lemon Mint will help clear moms mind and refresh her soul with invigorating lemon mint and healing eucalyptus. 
JOY: Consumers are always looking for small moments of pleasure in their beauty rituals. Trending citrus notes, like blood orange and grapefruit, are uplifting for an optimistic take fragrance. Sparkling, fruity fragrances can conjure up celebratory drinks or an exotic tropical holiday. 
      • Cheers to mom with Georgia Peach + Prosecco, with ripe notes of sweet Georgia peach and sparkling prosecco is irresistibly fresh and delightfully sweet. 

 Mother's Day Fragrance Trends



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