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Article: Elements of a candle

Elements of a candle

Elements of a candle

Not all candles are created equally. There are a plethora of waxes, wicks, vessels, and fragrances out there, in wide range of options, varying in quality and pricing. Even with all that variety, candles are one of the simplest products to craft at home using some basic tools and equipment.

With that in mind we wanted to go back to basics and breakdown the main elements of candle. While it may seem pretty straightforward candles are more complex than many beginners think, and learning the fundamentals is just like any other skill, it requires time, a ton of practice, and most of all, patience.

Give yourself some grace, it won't always be perfect or pretty! 

With practice you will gradually advance from being a nervous novice to a seasoned pro, with enough confidence to seriously turn your hobby into a profitable business. Elements of a candle

Now that you've got that down, check out our Candle Making Basics post for next for our soothingly simple way to making your own scented candles, in just five easy steps!

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