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tomato fragrance trend

Tomatoes are trending – who knew? The luxury candle market is being flooded with beautiful tomato scents, and you should be creating one too!

Tomato and tomato leaf scents are not what you might think of when you think tomato fragrance (a jar of sauce) - they actually smell more green than red. They capture all luscious scents of a real life tomato plant, surrounded by summer greenery. The slightly bitter aroma of the skin, the sweetness of the fruit, the greenness of the vine.  Tomato Fragrance TrendThe scent of tomato in fragrance today is can be described as fresh, herbal, earthy, sweet. The fragrance oils used are sophisticated and complex, well rounded and so unexpected. From Jo Malone to Boy Smells, many luxury brands have been introducing tomato scented candles that capture all the fresh, aromatic greenness of a tomato leaf, and you should to, more on that later. 

Scents inspired by tomato, and other produce, taps into the growing number of consumers interested in gardening and greenery, for a wholesome sense of wellbeing. Fruits and vegetables have always been key inspirations, but recently we've begun to see more savory options such as tomato and beetroot trending. 

tomato fragrance trendYou can create fragrance profiles and stories that transport your customers right to a sunny summer garden, giving them new experiences, new scent options. Go beyond traditional summer fruits and florals and offer your customers something they may not be seeing everywhere. Our Greenhouse + Tomato Vine fragrance oil features fresh from the garden notes of stemmy green leaves, sun-warmed tomato vines, and sweet basil that come together for a crisp and earthy scent.

Tomato Leaf Fragrance Trend

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