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Plant green fragrance trend


Over the past few years, plants have been gradually playing a bigger and bigger role in the spaces we inhabit, both public and private, and they've become especially appealing to Millennials, working as a way to add warmth and mindfulness to their homes. As the world becomes an increasingly noisy, connected, and turbulent place, plants offer a calming and natural antidote. Here we’ll explore the power of plants, and its impact on fragrance trends.

Forest bathing, a Japanese practice that is gaining popularity here in the US, is the conscious and contemplative practice of being immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of the forest, slow down and become immersed in the natural environment. As we reconnect with nature, yearning to bring the outdoors in, plants are contributing to happier and healthier homes and spaces. Plants have become a mainstream trend as consumers turn to them as a form of wellbeing, and focus on building happiness within their homes.
green fragrance trends

The health benefits of flowers and plants have been recognized for some time now, but they can also help on an emotional level – feeding compassion, easing anxiety, and boosting energy. The popularity of plants shows no signs of slowing, and plants are becoming increasingly important to product design, interiors, and fragrance.

Environments that provide a connection to nature lead to better health, wellbeing, and engagement. One of the strongest ways to leverage this, is with the use of nature-inspired fragrances. New fragrance launches are reflecting the consumer shift towards cleaner, more sustainable products by featuring green and comforting notes in scent profiles. By using fresh, green notes in candle and fragrance offerings we tap into a growing desire to be at one with nature.

green candle fragrance oil trends

green fragrance oil trend

New launches is candle and fine fragrance are greener and fresher than we've seen in a while.

Brands are helping consumers reconnect with nature by using scents inspired by the forest to bring the outdoors in and recreate the feeling of escaping to nature.

How to action this with your candle or beauty brand: 

  • Tap into scent profiles that replicate the emotional release of being outside. Our Meyer Lemon + Bamboo fragrance oil awakens the senses with a crisp and fresh blend of zesty meyer lemon with refreshing bamboo.

  • Prioritize fresh, clean notes moving forward, create using green, earthy fragrance oils that connect consumers to the natural world. Our Peppered Woods + Oakmoss fragrance oil blends peppered mahogany and oakmoss for a fragrance that's warm and fresh.

  • Develop functional fragrances that recreate the benefits of garden and forest bathing in the home. Our Greenhouse + Tomato Vine fragrance oil has garden notes of stemmy green leaves, sun-warmed tomato vines to transport you to a lush greenhouse.

  • Use fragrance oils with vibrant green notes, such as eucalyptus, bamboo, and leafy aromas to connect to a more botanical scent profile. Our Eucalyptus + Lemon Mint fragrance oil features invigorating lemon mint and healing eucalyptus to clear your mind and refresh your soul.

Green fragrance oil trend

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