Fragrance Family Basics

Fragrance Family Trends

Like all the arts, perfumery has its own language, and we all speak it a little differently. 

The world of fragrance is pretty complex and to navigate all the different types of fragrance oils it is important to discover more about the individual fragrance families. Traditionally there are six to seven fragrance families such as citrus, floral, woody, amber, and so on. Then within each family, there are sub-families that define the second most important olfactory note.

Absolutely no-one in the fragrance world agrees 100% about families and descriptions, and when you leave the world of fine fragrance (perfume) and venture into candle, the fragrance families it gets even more differentiated!

With this in mind, we created fragrance family basics based on our interpretations, these can and will differ from the opinions of other "noses". 

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