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Rose is the little black dress of perfumery. Undergoing a modern transformation, new rose launches have shunned their overpowering and one dimensional persona for a new take on rose, that's anything but old fashioned.  

scent trend: Rose - Scentsorie

The little black dress of perfumery, rose fragrances are timeless and elegant, but sometimes get a bad rap. Some people think of rose as old-fashioned and powdery, a potpourri in grandma’s bathroom type feel. But rose has grown up, and grandma chic is in!

The past few years have seen rose interpreted in a variety of different ways. Undergoing a modern transformation, new rose launches have shunned their overpowering and one dimensional persona for a new take on rose, that's anything but old fashioned. We even see perfumers tapping into a side of the classic "grandma" scent in a way that is actually quite youthful and modern. Rose fragrances have a range that is rarely found in other realms of floral fragrances and works extremely well across all categories from candle, to bath and body, through to perfumes. 

Rose Fragrance Fragrance OilFollowing Rose Prick from 2020, Tom Ford just launched three more rose focused fragrances, Rose D’Amalfi, Rose de Chine, and Rose de Russie. These three new fragrances are inspired by roses from different countries found in Tom Ford's garden. Bvlgari and Escada also launched rose scents, showing that rose fine fragrance launches are not slowing down any time soon.Rose Fragrance Trend

In candle we also see the rose trend. Bath and Body Works launching a Tea Rose, Voluspa’s Sparkling Rose, and LAFCO’s latest Rose de Mai. These are just a few examples showing abundance of rose, as an ingredient call-out and as a featured note, all showcasing the modern updates to the classic floral direction.Rose Candle Trend

When we examine the evolution of rose notes, we see modern rose scents leaning many ways. They can be fresh and zesty, indulgent and sexy, delicate yet edgy. We see the iconic flower center stage, but with a warmer character. Richer elements like creamy coconut, soft woods, sugarcane, and musk play off the delicate floral adding a warm, velvety feel.

We also see the sparkling addition of fruity notes. With its highly commercial appeal, adding fruity notes to rose centric fragrance makes sense to not only appeal to a younger audience but to win over the masses! 

Rose Fragrance Trends

Our Coconut Milk + Rose is indulgent and sweet, featuring a Rose Essential Oil it marries decadent coconut milk, rose petals, and creamy tonka bean for a sweet tropical scent with a hint of subtle floralcy.

Another one of our favorites, Garden Rose + Sugarcane is a modern twist on the classic rose. It also features Rose Essential Oil, but this fragrance oil blends delicate rose petals, sheer vanilla, and coconut water notes, to create scent that's both classic and new.

Now is a great time to add a modern rose fragrance oil to your candle line up. Rose is incredibly versatile and pairs well with so many different notes, that no matter what trends come and go, rose is here to stay.

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