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Article: Galentine's Day Candles

Galentine's Day Candles

Galentine's Day Candles

Galentine's Day CandlesNo longer just for couples, Valentine’s Day is fast becoming a day to celebrate all relationships. Although a significant other is quoted as the person who most people buy for, at 52% of the spending share (National Retail Federation), the market is widening to include friends, family members, colleagues and even pets. Anti-Valentine’s and self-love Valentine’s celebrations are also growing in popularity.

According to the National Retail Federation, in 2021 Americans planned to spend $4.2bn on other family members, $2.1bn on friends and even $1.7bn on their pets. The number of gifts given to somebody other than a partner hit record levels – a movement brands can capitalize on.

Galentine’s – officially celebrated on the 13th of February – has seen rapid commercialization in the last few years. All over Etsy sellers offer a range of Galentine’s decorations and gifts, suited for the hundreds of Galentine’s and “no boys allowed” parties and events that happened worldwide this year, and these celebrations are growing.Valentine's Day Candle Trends

As women are the main buyers and consumers of beauty, Galentine’s proves an ideal event for candle and fragrance brands to capitalize on. In 2021, the search term “Galentine's Gift” peaked between January 31- February 6 on Google.

Hallmark found that nearly 2/3 of women who were purchasing cards around Valentine’s Day were doing so for non-romantic relationships, including friends and family, so you should definitely get to work on capitalizing on the Valentine’s concept. 


Valentine's Day Candle Trends

Creating a Galentine's Day candle collection should be part of your brand building strategy, as consumers look to spread love, spark joy, and create happy moments with their friends, family, and themselves (yay self-love).

Update your 2022 Valentine’s Day line with these five key inspirations: 

Valentine's Day Candle Trends Fragrance Oil

Valentine's Day Candle Trends

Valentines Day is not just for romantic love! Consumers will increasingly seek small moments of happiness and want to treat themselves and those they love with little luxuries.

Develop products that that in mind to ensure that your brand stands out!

Fragrance Oils for Valentine's Day Candles

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