scent trend: Lavender

Lavender, a versatile and multi-faceted fragrance ingredient, is being reinterpreted in modern, young, and fresh ways.



scent trend: Lavender

When we think of lavender, we think of soft, soothing, sleep inducing, on the other hand it can also be a bit old and boring. Or so you thought! Lavender is versatile and multi-faceted and is being reinterpreted in modern, young, and fresh ways.

With its mood enhancing abilities lavender is a key fragrance ingredient as todays consumers look to integrate wellness rituals into their everyday routines to improve their mood and reduce stress. 

Lavender is a popular scent for calming ritual and interesting combinations are emerging that update this traditional herbal scent for todays consumer.

  • Lavender is combined with fresh scents such as lime or mint for a lighter take, as seen in Fresh French Lavender by DW Home, or is blended with comforting vanilla for a yummy take on relaxing like White Barns Lavender Vanilla.
  • Tom Ford has taken lavender in a completely new direction with his Lavender Extreme, proving that traditional scents can be trend forward and exciting.



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