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As wellness becomes a growing focus in the lives of consumers, they seek at-home products that can transform their homes into their own private wellness sanctuaries. Consumers are aware of the power fragrance has over their emotions, they're seeking products that allow them to tap into the right mood at the right time.

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Scent is key when it comes to creating immersive, multisensory wellness experiences. Fragrance is taking on a more active role in providing emotional and mood-boosting support as consumers seek comforting, reassuring, and nostalgic aromas to help them feel calm.

Aromatic scents restore the mind and body. Indulgent, relaxing touches such as scented candles or herb-infused baths help consumers bring a spa-like feel to the home. Across home and personal care, different scents are bring used to enhance mood, whether it’s to calm or to revitalize. Scents such as lavender, sage, and cedarwood offer a sense of calm, while citrus and green scents are more upbeat and uplifting.


wellness fragrance trend, peach oil, collection for candles, soap, fragrance oil, cross category scent and lifestyle trends Fragrance is becoming increasingly more important for creating different moods and supporting self-care rituals.

  • Herbs and botanicals continue to gain attention across wellness, and are designed to create a relaxing, reassuring space where consumers can unwind, whether that's lavender to calm or sage to cleanse.
  • Fresh, green scents provide a connection to nature and a soothing atmosphere. Modern green scents help bring the outdoors in, offering consumers a therapeutic escape.
  • Citrus scents are clean and uplifting, new citrus blends such as lemon and bamboo, are a fresh update on a classic scent direction.

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