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So, what's new with coconut? Is it still a key fragrance trend? Do you really need a coconut in your collection? 

The answers are yes, yes, and YES!!  Coconut is still a really important fragrance trend, and you should have at least one in your candle, wax melt, or personal care collection. While traditional beach coconut is still popular with consumers, coconut is going in some new and fun directions. Lets explore!coconut fragrance profile candle wax soap personal care

A scent that knows no season, coconut was originally marketed as an exotic summer fragrance. Fast forward to today, and coconut is one of the most iconic, year round scents around.

A classic note that has stood the test of time, coconut has grown up over the years. While coconut will always be able to conjure up summer holidays in tropical locations around the world, it also has the ability to comfort and soothe.modern coconut fragrance

Coconut lends its light sweetness to fragrance across all categories. In candle, its tropical scent transports consumers to relaxing vacation locations without having to leave their homes. A key ingredients in many personal care launches due to its skin loving properties, coconuts milky, indulgent scent signals its abilities to nourish and moisturize. 

Coconut Fragrance Trends 2021
  • We see next generation coconut fragrances being blended with floral, green, and even citrus notes add new dimension to the traditionally sweet scent.
  • New coconut milks add warmth without the suntan lotion feel.
  • Coconut is also trending in fall and holiday launches, layered with cold weather staples such as pumpkin, maple, and woods, creating year round demand.

        Coconuts popularity shows no signs of waning, this ingredient will continue to be a consumer favorite for many years to come!


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