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Into The Woods

As consumers seek closer connections to the outdoors, they seek products and experiences that harness the magic and wisdom of nature.  They are looking for moments of magic in their day to day lives and they're seeking products, services and environments that help them take better care of themselves and each other.  

Fragrances are inspired by the magic of nature and collections should include scents that help them connect with the natural world evolves into a new story, filled with awe and wonder.
This fragrance collection features fragrance oils that can replicate the calming effects of spending time outdoors, falling leaves, pine needles, golden amber, oakmoss. 

The scents are aromatic and grounding and will be popular among people connecting with nature. The overall collection has a rewilding element thats woody, mossy and earthy that's perfect for fall.

Peppered Woods + Oakmoss

Alluring and intense notes of peppered mahogany and oakmoss are blended with aromatic lavender for a bold scent. 

Fragrance Name Suggestions: 
  • Midnight Forest
  • Mahogany Magic
  • Forest Floor

Falling Leaves + Autumn Air

Aromatic, fall leaves are layered with fresh and dewy notes of morning mist, eucalyptus, and sandalwood for a scent that's as welcoming as the great outdoors.

Fragrance Name Suggestions:
  • Hello, Fall
  • Changing Leaves
  • Autumn Walk

Embers + Smoke

Warm and smoky notes of cedar and guaiacwood are wrapped in aged tobacco and leather, illuminated with a hint of ginger for comfort and clarity.

Fragrance Name Suggestions:
  • Autumn Nights
  • Charred Forest
  • Smoke + Spirits


Golden Amber + Santal

Rich and velvety notes of amber and sandalwood are enhanced with a hint of sweet musk resulting in an intoxicatingly exotic scent.

Fragrance Name Suggestions:
  • Healing Amber 
  • Sacred Amber
  • Amberwood Forest


Fir Balsam + Cedar

Fresh and festive notes of blue spruce and smoky cedarwood come together for a scent that transports you to the scent of crisp air on forest walks.

Fragrance Name Suggestions:
  • Into The Woods
  • Forest Walk
  • Manifest Nature