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Restorative Wellness Fragrance Trends

As people are incorporating spa-like experiences and mood-boosting atmospheres into their home and routine, fragrance is made to support various daily wellness rituals with calming, restorative scent experiences. Scent provides a simple way for consumers to quickly transform the mood of a space and transition between different modes.

With consumers adding small luxuries and enabling indulgent moments around the home, scents help consumers create the relaxing feel of a spa at home. New wellbeing rituals provide consumers with a chance to slow down and savor the moment. Give customers sensorial experiences through scent, help them create calm spaces with aromatherapy kits, soothing candle fragrances, relaxing bath products. The growing focus on mental health and holistic wellbeing has seen consumers take more time out to relax, providing opportunities for growth in the wellness fragrance market. 

Bath & Body: Artful and lavish products will make everyday routines a luxurious ritual.

With consumers becoming more frugal, luxury will be found in the story behind the product. Bath and body ranges should incorporate transportive scents, workmanship, craft and quality materials to inject splendor and discovery into mundane routines.

Candle & Home Fragrance: Over the past few years, the home has become a place where people work, socialize and relax.

Tap into home fragrance as a wellness product. Take inspiration from elevated personal care brands and focus on natural ingredients and ritualistic elements for scents designed for 'me time'. Consumers want to invest in products that add a flourish to their homes, even after the fragrance has burnt away. As the home increasingly becomes a place to retreat and focus on wellbeing, calming, self-care inspired scent design is coming to the fore as a key part of relaxing wellbeing rituals.