Scents and Cent-sibility: The Dupe Mindset

Scents and Cent-sibility: The Dupe Mindset

According to Think with Google, searches for “dupe” grew globally by 40% YoY in June 2022, with beauty driving the category overall. Largely driven by influencers, dupe culture has caused affordable alternatives of luxury products to go viral on social media, leading to sellouts in stores and online.

It’s commonly known in the fragrance industry that "dupes" are fragrances that are similar in scent to more expensive mainstream fragrances. Previously referred to as "knockoffs" they are meant to offer a more affordable alternative to consumers and they were looked down upon by many. But social media has shined a new, more favorable light on dupes. 

What does Dupe mean on TikTok? In internet culture, ‘Dupe’ is a prominent word used by beauty influencers to describe a cheaper, more affordable alternative to a high-end product. The word has now trickled into meme culture and ‘DOOP!’ has become a hilarious meme of its own thanks to the cost of living crisis. Riffing off the beauty influencers, Gen Z are now rebranding ‘knock-offs’ and completely random objects as ‘doops’ for things that are well known and expensive to buy outright. 

Recently, dupes have become a breakout search term among consumers worldwide due to economic hardships. The cost of living has taken a substantial toll on many people's financial well-being and ability to make ends meet. That's why consumers seek small businesses for making smart purchasing decisions to meet their new needs with high-value, innovative, and cost-effective solutions.


What Does the Cost of Living Crisis Mean? This certainly doesn’t mean that consumers will stop purchasing these luxuries altogether (remember the Lipstick Effect referred to in a recent post). The pandemic taught us that this industry can withstand economic uncertainty, as long as there is adequate preparation and planning. Brands have become adept at pivoting quickly and effectively to weather the storm and even grow business during economic uncertainty.

The cost of living crisis is hardly different. Fragrance brands must continue to be agile and adaptable. This means, appealing to the needs of customers who are seeking budget friendly scents. It also includes offering a range of affordable options. A variety of scents at different price points allows customers to find something that fits their budget. Customers who are seeking budget friendly options also appreciate feeling like they are part of a community of like-minded individuals. Creating opportunities for customers to connect with your brand, and each other helps build loyalty and increase sales.

Cost of Living Crisis Effect on Fragrance Biz Owners: This shift towards affordable beauty products is driven by the need to save money while still getting desired results. As consumers trade their fragrant staples for cheaper alternatives with comparable results, it's the opportune time for small fragrance companies to take advantage of the dupe mindset. 
By creating products that are similar to popular, expensive fragrances, fragrance brands can offer customers a more affordable alternative while still maintaining quality. This allows you to tap into the growing demand for dupes and capitalize on the trend. Additionally, this approach encourages creativity and innovation. The dupe mindset is an excellent opportunity for small business owners to gain a competitive edge in the fragrance industry.

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Value Proposition: As consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their spending habits, they are faced with making sophisticated purchasing decisions. Therefore, shifting messaging to support product value has become increasingly important for small businesses. This means that businesses must focus on communicating the value proposition of their products.

One of the key benefits of shifting messaging to support product value is that it helps to compare the high-quality of your brands to high-end labels. And when consumers understand the like, high-value benefits of your product, they are more likely to choose it over the most expensive options. Ensure your customers that with your brand, they can save money without skimping on quality!

Becoming A Go-To Affordable Indulgence: In an effort to save money on essential items, prioritizing affordability over sustainability has become a common practice in the consumer market. This has created a dilemma for consumers who want to make responsible purchases but also need to keep their costs low. But it creates an opportunity for small fragrance businesses. While larger brands may have bigger advertising budgets and mass-produced products, small businesses can offer unique and high-quality products at reasonable prices. Consumers even feel a sense of exclusivity when purchasing from a small business, knowing that it is not available in larger retail stores. 

While big business may be here to stay, the consumer market gets wiser by the day. Ultimately, fragrance dupes will benefit both businesses and consumers by providing affordable alternatives to expensive scents without sacrificing quality.

Our Inspired By Collection: As dupe culture continues to evolve, we know that transparency is vital when comparing products and offering up dupes, so we've labeled all our fragrance that have been inspired by popular, luxury scents.

While our main goal is to provide you with creative fragrance you won't find anywhere else, we also recognize that with increased prices of everyday staples we'll continue to see beauty consumers substitute cult favorites for more-affordable alternatives. We want to create a trusted space that allows you to compare and find alternatives based on your needs and budget, and sometimes that means you're looking for that perfect doooooooooop.

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