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Article: Hello, Sunshine

Hello, Sunshine

Hello, Sunshine

With a renewed focus on the thrill of the everyday, consumers are starting to seek out both small and large moments of pleasure, from celebrating happy news with friends to enjoying the perfect meal. 

We’re finally ready to have some fun and consumers are yearning for release through escapism and happiness, and they will be seeking designs and experiences that enable this.

Whether it's products or spaces, every detail will be designed to bring enjoyment, from beautifully-styled floral displays and uplifting scents to less obviously pleasurable experiences and products, such as band aids and wellness kits.fragrance oil quote

Scent plays a powerful role in our emotions. Bright, uplifting fragrances are playful and add a sense of joy and optimism. Refreshing citrus fruits, sunny florals, and tropical fruits add sparkle, evoking the arrival of warmer weather.

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  • Tropical-inspired scents transport consumers to relaxing vacation locations without having to leave their homes. Scents are inspired by tropical getaways, with notes such as coconut and tropical fruits, and evoke time spent by the beach to give consumers the feeling of a luxurious escape.
  • Citrus scents are clean and uplifting for an optimistic take fragrance. Citrus scents evoke the arrival of warm summer nights, and add a juicy freshness. This season, grapefruit emerges as a key citrus fragrance, featured both on its own and mixed with floral, blossom scents.
  • New floral launches feature tropical solar notes to interesting contrasting combinations, and are a playful take on a modern bouquet.

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